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Grief Girl all started during the first lockdown (I love how I must distinguish the number at this point!). Lost in my thoughts with the countless hours I was left to fill, I was feeling my grief more than ever. I was frustrated that it is such a common experience, yet it is still a whispered taboo: especially with the clutches of pandemic tightening. So, I put pen to paper and brainstormed all the pent-up emotions and ideas lurking within, and I thought: why not share them!

That is where it started. Fortunately, it has grown into something amazing - it is now a fragment of a supportive and accepting community here online. 

In terms of me... I am Lidia, a student living in London and I work part-time in a pretty little bookshop which feeds my passion for English Literature. I am ardent about opening up the conversation about grief, one that has to be had, so no one feels alone within its depths. I want to use my experiences to support and comfort as many people as I can (even if it just makes one person smile).

I hope you find my blog posts useful. Do not forget to subscribe to get monthly posts sent to your inbox (I don't bite... and I promise: no spam!). You can also find me on Instagram at thegriefgirlonline, or by clicking the Instagram icon at the top or bottom of the page. 


It was absolutely lovely seeing you here.