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Updated: Nov 18, 2020

In many of my previous blog posts, I have given grief-related advice based on my own experiences. However, today I decided to share the advice of others from the grief community as well as some helpful websites I have seen throughout the years from a bit of research. So without further ado, I hope you find the collection/harvest of advice below helpful.

Jessica says...

"You will find your smile again. You'll even find that side-splitting laugh again!"

'Grieving Is Ok' says...

"You'll be okay eventually, I promise you. It won't always feel that hard and you'll learn how to live with it and please- enjoy the moments with the ones around (your family etc.) and value them."

Krista says...

"To allow yourself to feel all the feels. Don't suppress it."

'Finding A Way Forward' says...

"Your grief matters, don't hold it in and try to be strong. You lost them too."

My favourite grief sites to visit when I need some help:


Some beautiful words-

For younger minds-

Twelve tips-

Some other blogs I recommend you follow-


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