Another Year, Another Father's Day

So, another year, another Father's Day. At first, I thought: it's just another day. I dismissed it as you do with any typical, normal day. But it isn't just an ordinary, regular day. It's a day that I used to be excited for, a day where I'd make a card, sign our names, and hide a little gift.

I miss it. I really do.

At work, it randomly dawned on me that this day was approaching. I was editing my contacts- as you do- and I saw my dad's number in my 'favourites' section along with all my other favourites (you know who you are... Or at least I hope!), And it dawned on me... This feeling of emptiness. I thought of past laughs, smiles, chats on the phone, just 'past' dad being here, and the fact that he is not here. And will never be again.

Over the past 3 years, there have been about 10,000 things I've wanted to say to him: big, small, proud, embarrassing... Ha! If only there was a way to reach him, a phone line connecting to the sky or wherever he is.

It's sad that a day that was once filled with such joy and love, a day that was just so 'full', is now empty. But that day is still dad's day, no matter how 'full' it is, the way a phone is still a phone even when on 1% battery (we've all been there).

This Father's Day, I will be thinking of my dad. I will remember who he was, and that was a great father indeed.

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