Dealing With Grief: 10 Helpful Tips

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Dealing with grief is without a doubt a difficult, weird rollercoaster and challenge, and let's face it- it sucks. Here are some of my top tips for ways to deal with grief that I have used, and still use to this day.

1. Listen To Podcasts

Whether you are on your way to school or work, or you are just on your couch at home, listening to podcasts are very uplifting and healing. Check out my post on my favourite grief podcasts. Listening to podcasts about grief gave me someone to relate to, laughs, smiles, some tears, advice and gave me a way to deal with my grief and acknowledge it.

2. Read a Book

Popularly, books are known for being cathartic and relaxing. I read books to help me deal with my grief, but mostly to acknowledge it and educate myself about it. Check out my post about my grief book recommendations. But, you don't need books about grief and loss particularly. Self-help books are also great, as well as fictional books. One self-help book I recommend is 'My Friend Fear: Finding Magic in the Unknown' by Meera Lee Patel, which is a guide to befriending the emotion of fear, which is one of the feelings I experienced before and after my loss.

3. Journaling Your Thoughts, Feelings and Frustrations

Journaling is extremely cathartic- journal whatever you like! E.g. daily updates, feelings, your story of loss, your frustrations... There are also many great guided journals out there (which I prefer), which give you daily guided activities. You could even get a journal which focuses on a specific thing other than your feelings of grief or about your loss; for example, a gratitude journal, to appreciate the present, or a health journal. Soon I will upload a blog post on my favourite journals and stationery stores if you some ideas or help!

4. Write a Letter to the Loved One You Have Lost

Sometimes, we may have not been able to say everything we wanted to the one we have lost, so writing a letter to express this is a great, cathartic way to do so. Or, it might be their birthday or the anniversary of their death, so writing a letter or a card is a great way to do a little something special for that special person.

5. Visit a Special Place

Visit a place that was special to them, explore the place they grew up in, visit a place where you shared great memories or visit their resting place.

6. Scrapbooking or Create a Memory Wall

Scrapbooking is a great, comforting and creative way to remember and think about your loved one. If you don't want to create a scrapbook, you can create a memory wall/ picture wall in your living room or bedroom, showcasing some of your most favourite memories and pictures of your loved one.

7. Confide In a Friend, Family Member or a Counsellor

Speaking to someone you feel comfortable with, or trust can be very healing and can help move you through your grief journey smoother. It's great not to feel alone!

8. Acknowledge Your Feelings

Remember that you are allowed to cry and/or laugh; feel happy, down, angry, frustrated... Acknowledging your feelings will help you move through your grief smoother and lift a weight off your shoulders.

9. Listen to Their Favourite Songs

Listening to their favourite songs can be a great way to help you feel closer to that person and allows you to reminisce about that person and your warmest memories with them.

10. Plant a Memory Tree or Plant

Similar to a memorial bench, a more affordable option is to plant a tree (if you have a back garden) or a plant. If you live in a flat, or you don't have a garden, you could buy a large indoor plant or a flowerpot of their favourite flower, such as orchids, and every time you look at it- you can think of them.


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