Grief Awareness Week Announcement

Your story is one that must be heard.

In light of Grief Awareness Week, I decided to open up the blog to anyone: anyone who is passionate to have their voice heard, whether that be through advice, poetry, art, a story, article, or blog post.

It is so important to open up the conversation of grief so that no one has to suffer alone. I am excited to read or look at your submissions!

If you are interested and would like to contribute, please read the guidance below. Thank you very much again- for your support of the Grief Girl Blog and for being an amazing human being- I know that suffering a loss is certainly not easy (and that is an understatement!).

Guidance for submissions:

1. Submissions can be: an opinion piece, advice, recommendations, reviews, your story and experiences etc. I.e. anything grief/bereavement related!

2. Let your creativity run wild. Submissions can be a)writing (e.g. blog post, poem or article) or b) art (e.g. illustration or photography)

3. Ensure that your name is clearly stated- if you do not wish to remain anonymous- with any details you would like to be included (such as a website or social media links).

4. If your submission is an art piece, please include a brief explanation or description regarding your submission.

5. Grief Awareness Week is 02-08 December, so preferably submit these by then. At the latest: 14 December.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time. You can contact me in several ways:

· Email:

· Instagram direct message @thegriefgirlonline

· Contact page on my website (

Take care and talk soon,


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