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Updated: Nov 18, 2020

The beauty of journaling...

Today I dug out the first guided journal I'd ever written in- a cute green journal from Paperchase which my aunt gave me after my dad passed away. This journal was my holy grail. I let any emotions, thoughts, memories and events flow onto the clean pages like water into a deep vase- blooming thoughts onto paper. I needed something- somewhere to empty the chaos and steam.

Looking back at how much greatness and joy this little book brought me makes me wonder- why did I stop? I feel that I- like so many others- make excuses. We make excuses for so many things in life: why we don't call that person too often, why we don't get out of a job we aren't happy with, why we don't just finally stop eating 12 chocolates a day... Those 'whys' are slightly more complicated, especially the chocolate addiction one (but seriously- please admit into chocolate rehab), but this was simple. I made and make excuses for doing things- even practices for my own well-being- that ultimately just take a little portion out of my day, 'I'm just too busy' or 'I have too much work to do' or 'I REALLY need to study'... And the list goes on. But- to be honest- I do have at least 15 minutes to spare: come on Lidia! And you do too!

(Little Lidia was very relatable- clearly)

I seriously cannot recommend journaling enough (particularly guided journals): whether it's for grief (which was my main reason), anxiety, mindfulness etc. It can be rather daunting to start a journal- especially a blank one. Take it from a person who buys 1000 cute journals and notebooks, writes 1-5 pages, and then gives up. I religiously wrote in this journal. I recommend guided journals the most, especially for busy people like me. "WHY?" you may ask. Well, my friend, I will tell you why.

  1. Tasks are simple and accessible- where you can spend anywhere from 5 minutes and beyond, easily fitting within your busy day.

  2. They are bloody pretty.

  3. Tasks vary from being general to more focused- exercising that big brain of yours.

  4. A way to allow you to deal with difficult feelings or just live a more mindful life.

  5. You can travel with them: take them everywhere, and when you are feeling overwhelmed or down, you can quickly jot down your feelings or thoughts.

Still not convinced?

Be aware of your mind

Putting your thoughts and feelings down onto paper allows you to understand yourself and deeply reflect. Perhaps it might reveal things you were not consciously aware of!


Recall your most fond memories of that person. Record their attributes, their favourite things and your favourite things about them. Perhaps you want to write about your loss?

No rules, no judgement and growth

This is a place where you can truly be you- fearlessly. Private and personal- a journal is a perfect home for reflection. It is also a great way to reflect on your journey... Looking back at my entries make me realise how much I have grown and evolved as a person, some entries bring me laughter and some sadness- but it is a beautiful thing.


Let go of any worries, feelings, or thoughts that weigh you down. Get rid of that heavy stone weighing over your heart.

Want to get it?

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