Review: Something Lost Something Found

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

'Something Lost Something Found' is a book for children by Natalia Paruzel-Gibson Illustrated by Laura Catrinella.

Ella feels like she is stuck in a pile of gloomy mud. She misses her mom so much. So, Ella embarks on a quest to  nd happiness again; wishing upon a star, trying to cook it up in a magic potion, and searching for it in all the places her grieving young heart leads her. And bit by bit...Ella begins to  nd solace in memories of her Mom. Something Lost Something Found is a story for young readers about the profound bonds we share with our loved ones, the importance of childhood memories and the innate yearning to endure even the most indescribable grief. This tale’s empathy and wisdom shine through every wistful, charming scene.

Recently, I had the pleasure of reading this beautifully illustrated book. Enclosed behind its ethereal illustrations lies a tale; a heart-warming tale about the search for happiness amidst the darkness of grief. Despite no longer being a child, I cannot express to you how much I enjoyed reading this book. Undoubtedly, this story proves to be so touching and wonderful- definitely a work to treasure.

From its beautiful, poetic, and eloquent descriptions to its authentic and wholesome storyline- it genuinely made my heart smile. I can only imagine how confusing grief and bereavement can be for young children, and I believe that this book is the perfect friend to accompany and help any child dealing with a bereavement. Essentially, it is a great way to help young children understand their emotions, which otherwise might feel heavier and complicated. What also stood out to me was its message- the fact that one can find happiness in the little, meaningful things- rather than the materialistic- and how happiness is found within the connections to others, even if that person may not be on this world anymore.

Through the lovely character of Ella, we see the struggles of a young girl facing a loss and her journey in pursuit of happiness.

This story is one that is extraordinarily heartfelt and its illustrations bear a celestial-like and ethereal quality. A story that is one not to be missed.

Meet the author:

Natalia Paruzel-Gibson

Award-Winning Author of Something Lost Something Found


Instagram: @nataliawritesbooks

Facebook: Natalia Writes Books

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