Scrapbooking 101

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Here is my guide to scrapbooking! I thought that this was necessary as I have recommended scrapbooking in previous blog posts, as scrapbooking is a cathartic, creative and great way to remember and honour your loved one. By scrapbooking, you can preserve your memories and do something special for them.

A Purpose

Think: what is the purpose of your scrapbook? What do you want to highlight/showcase in your scrapbook? Maybe you just want to put all of your favourite photos in one place? Consider this, then plan how you would like to organise your sketchbook: will it be in chronological order? There are no rules when it comes to scrapbooking- the freedom is in your hands! Then, finally, select and chose which photos you would like to use.

TIP: As in a sketchbook you stick the photos in, I suggest getting copies of the pictures you would like to use. You can either use a photocopy machine or (like I have done), I used the FreePrintsApp. Carefully, I had taken pictures of the photos I wanted to use, then edited them, and finally sent them off to get printed- and they are delivered straight to your door!

Take Your Pick of the Litter

Paperchase: Kraft Square Scrapbook £8.50

Now you have to pick the base of your scrapbook! There are so many different types out there, however mainly, there are white, black and brown scrapbooks. I suggest the scrapbooks from Paperchase and WHSmith, Paperchase's scrapbook selection is absolutely gorgeous. The scrapbook above is from Paperchase, and gives you the option to personalise it! Also, there are scrapbooking kits that are available.

Paperchase Scrapbooks:

WHSmith Scrapbooks:

Gear Up!

Paperchase: Unicorn Star washi tapes - set of 8 £8.00

You can decorate your scrapbook however you like: you can decorate it a lot, or go for a more minimalistic approach. This is a list of equipment that is perfect for decorating your sketchbook:

What I recommend:

Some Extras:

  • Ribbon

  • Felt Tips

  • Stamps

Best Overall Stores to Gather Your Equipment: Hobby Craft, Wilko, Amazon and Paperchase.

Write It All Out

You can annotate your photos with dates, locations and stories behind each picture- so you never forget those precious memories.


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