Season of Healing

Updated: Sep 12

Autumn is approaching... Once again, the leaves turn, the air transforms into a frostier bite, and cinnamon buns and scents will linger for the next few months. To me, it is also a season of healing: reflecting and starting anew and music is something that helps me express that feeling. It helps me accept my grief and, in a way, has a meditative quality.

Recently, I was reached out to and an album about healing from loss was shared with me called 'Heal My Heart' by Jill Colucci. So, I thought I would share it with you too.

Colucci's poignant words will envelop you with comfort and hug you like a kind and understanding friend, whilst its cosy and calming acoustic sounds unfold. It is a truly poignant and beautiful collection. She explores the many facets of loss and grief that so many grievers feel, giving them space and time to be heard.

You can read about the album below.

A Multi-Platinum Singer-Songwriter’s Healing Journey

With her enduring songs and expressive voice, Jill Colucci is acknowledged as the

songwriter of #1 hits for a roster of artists including Wynonna Judd and Travis Tritt,

and as a featured vocalist for film soundtracks, televisions shows, and commercials.

She is both the performer and writer of “The Funny Things You Do,” the classic

theme song for ABC’s American’s Funniest Home Videos.

With the release of three singles from Jill’s full-length collection Heal My

Heart, she now shares her poignant autobiographical chronicle of loss, grief,

and the transformative power of music. This project coincides with an upcoming

slate of prominent engagements as a featured guest at grief & healing conferences,

concerts, and retreats across the United States.

With the death of her father, Jill’s life was transformed, beginning what she calls

“The Lost Decade.” Before she could process the grief of his passing, her sister was

diagnosed with cancer. “I was anxious and white-knuckling it through my life,

because I had so much fear about losing her,” she recalls.

Writing the song “’Heal My Heart” marked the turning point in her recovery. “For

the first time I could trust that no matter what happened, everything was going to be

OK.” She says, adding that “One More Time,” is in honor of her beloved sister Joni.

“The melody is inspired by her beautiful spirit, and her story became the lyric. Joni

gave the song a subtitle, ‘A Prayer of Priority.’ She knew how precious each moment

was, and she lived each of them to the fullest until the end.”

“The View,” commemorating Jill’s mother, was written in a moment of pure

inspiration. “I picked up my guitar and leaned against the fireplace and the first line

that came out was ‘Don’t you weep for me.’ I knew that was my mom’s message to

me. It is not unusual for her to still be telling what to do, even from the other side,”

she laughs.

Jill believes that it was the songs that empowered her with the strength to recover

her health, her career, and her life as an artist. She now offers these lyrics and

melodies as compassionate solace for listeners whose lives have been similarly

shattered. “These songs helped me heal – they were totally cathartic as I was going

through these losses. As I have shared my music with others and watched them heal

from their losses, I have been blessed beyond measure,” she concludes.

Jill is honoured to share her songs and stories at events and on social media

throughout 2022. She is calling the release of these songs, “A Season of Healing!”

Find the album here.

Watch a short video, where Jill talks about the album here.


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