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Updated: Nov 21, 2020

It is so important to take care of yourself. Going through the grieving process is not only emotionally draining, but undoubtedly physically draining. Taking time out of your day- or sometimes taking a whole day- to take care of yourself is essential. Scroll down below to harvest some amazing tips I have compiled: full of much loved and tried and tested activities that I (and many others) love.

'Doing this for me'

In need of a token? Here is the perfect token book- filled with fun ideas and pretty illustrations. I definitely recommend this to anyone in need of a cute little book, which holds a plethora of ideas waiting at your hands.

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'The perfect autumn evening'

For me, the perfect autumn evening entails cosying up into a warm blanket, watching Gilmore Girls, having a good book by my side: all accompanied by a plate of brownies and a massive mug of earl grey tea. Create your 'perfect' autumn evening! Pick some cosy and relaxing activities and let them lead your evening. Everyone needs some relaxation time.

Cook your favourite meal

It's mealtime! My absolute favourite time. Put some music on and get your recipe book out- cook whatever your heart desires and make a morning/afternoon/evening out of it. Then, you can sit down (being proud of the delectable masterpiece in front of you) and dig into a nice, hot meal. What can be better?

Try out a new hobby!

Try something new! Knitting, drawing, meditation, crafting, scrapbooking, yoga, reading, learn a new language... You name it. Trying out new activities are not only fun- and a great way to pass the time- but it can also aid you in your life. You might find that something may even become the next best holy grail in your life. You can even use apps such as Headspace for meditation. The world is your oyster!

Listen, listen, listen!

Pick a cosy corner in your home, light a candle and get some snacks ready because it is time to download a juicy podcast or enticing audiobook! There are many available on Spotify and a plethora of audiobooks on Audible. If you do not want to pay for an audiobook, there are many available on YouTube and on sites which offer books, particularly in the public domain.

Get walking

Step outside and breathe in the fragrant autumn air... Go for a walk in a nearby park, or discover a new gorgeous one! If you don't fancy being surrounded by greenery, take a trip to a new town! Discover the cute shops and cosy cafes that they have to offer and enjoy the day.

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